Orama analyzes up to 2 years of data, and automatically organize the past, forecast the future estimations and gives real-time KPI’s of your company.


40% on the first year's annual payment


  • Can you afford a new worker?
  • Will you be able to pay your providers?
  • How long your company will survive?

These are the questions we are helping to be answered.

Companies can have a great P&L but go bankrupt because of their cash.

We help companies understand how their company is growing, so we give them a daily cashflow forecast analysis with scenarios. You can simulate what may happen before it does.

Orama is offering a 40% discount on the first year's annual payment.

*New customer requirement

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  • Wayra Hubs & Wayra X
  • Wayra Activation Programme
  • Open Future
  • Wayra Builder


  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Peru
  • Spain
  • Venezuela
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • Ireland
  • Czech Republic