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If you are looking for a universal solution for signing contracts electronically without the need for a special certificate, Click & Sign is your choice.

About Click & Sign

Click & Sign is a web platform that provides an advanced electronic signature service based on a qualified certificate, complying with all the legal standards of a handwritten paper signature. The digital counterpart of wet signatures.

Electronic signatures aim to make online signature processes straightforward and legally binding. Signing a document online is intended to be quick and easy.

There is no need to install any app; it is optimised for any device and provides the same legal validity as paper contracts.

And what is an electronic signature used for?

Electronic signatures are used for signing documents, contracts, transactions, acceptance of terms and conditions, onboarding customers, loans, forms, orders... In short, virtually any document can be electronically signed.

Here are, but a few benefits provided by a user-friendly digital signature for your company or business:

  • Cost-cutting
  • Time savings
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Automated workflow and simple online contracting
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Analytical data of the final purchase process for later analysis

Among the services, we highlight the following use cases:

  • Registration of services for new customers
  • Acceptance of GDPR
  • Signature of work contracts
  • Contracting credit cards
  • Signature of contracts for the provision of services
  • Massive analysis and follow-up of contracts and contract expirations. (easing the paperwork burden)
  • Automate the commercial process by sending notifications, allowing you to change tariffs or sign up for additional services in one click.

How electronic signatures work?

For end-users

  • 1. Initial communication
    The user receives an email or SMS with a link to access the signature page; it can also come from a link or button of your corporate page.
  • 2. Document signature
    It is as easy as entering a code received by SMS or clicking on a button. The user can upload documents, such as identity documents, annexes, etc., previously and from the same page.
  • 3. Receipt of a signed copy of the contract
    Alternatively, a signed copy of the contract can be sent to the signatory.

For companies

  • 1. Begin the process
    Send documents to be signed, by email or SMS, from the management area we provide or redirect users from your website to the signature page.
  • 2. Management area
    You can send documents to be signed, manage the current deliveries, or configure the patterns to optimise your signature processes from the management area.
  • 3. API
    With Click & Sign's free-to-use API, you can fully integrate the eSignature solution into your ERP or CRM:

Documentary custody

Any documents uploaded to the cloud during the signature process (receipts, payslips, notarised documents, identity documents, etc.) will be stored for 5 years.

Exclusive benefits:

Wayra and Activation Programmes Startups receive 500 free credits when registering at and a 50% discount on RRP prices

*VAT not included

More about our services at:

Combine the electronic signature with our eKYC for an end to end customer onboarding process.

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