The New Approach to Employee Cyber Risk Management


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Discover your team's cyber risk and prepare them for cyber threatens.

  • Interaction with chat-bots which focus on key topics on cyber security awareness and cyber risks which only take on average 3 hours per year from your employees, from the 8 to 16 hours of traditional resources
  • Agile 5-minutes monthly processes which evaluate the level or alert in key cyber security topics
  • Launch awareness learning itineraries fully personalized with the regular assessment tools.
  • Increase the measurable alert levels, as well as its evaluation in different themes.
  • Automation. Kymatio interacts with employees without taking time from your security team. The platform is always evolving with new content.
  • Neurophishing. Train your employees to identify phishing. Personalize and program campaigns, which will be adapted to the
    types of phishing to which each employee is more vulnerable.
  • Cyber risk management. Discover your vulnerabilities and the level or awareness of your team, its evolution and the impact in the strengthening actions. Receive recommendations to mitigate the risks.
  • Sentiment Analysis. Wellness evolution, we take care of delivering content and tips to improve the current situation and the mínimum threshold needed to for cultural change. Cyber security is a matter of the whole team.

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